“I had the great fortune to work with Coach Frank Weilack to revise my work structure as a self-employed author and copywriter. Structure and prioritisation were topics that challenged me greatly due to additional stress. Twice a month, in decelerated sessions, we concretised what framework I needed to do better cope with my work. Frank helped me to look at this familiar topic with completely new eyes. I discovered how much can be simplified simply by setting the right priorities and scheduling. The most important result of our regular conversations was that I created a flexible and uncomplicated structure that keeps me motivated and gives me the freedom I need for creative work as well as commissioned work. I have succeeded in implementing the strategies I developed with Frank in a concrete way. I now feel neither overwhelmed nor burdened, but can work through planned projects in time units and bring them to completion. This is great progress for me!”

Caroline R.

“FFrank is an empathetic coach who is very good at putting himself in people's shoes. My biggest challenge was my fear of change in my life. Frank was wonderful in understanding my situation and showing me ways to overcome my self-created barriers and try new things. A big thank you and my unconditional recommendation!”

Irina F.

“Frank Weilack creates a space for me in which I can perceive myself. Gratefully, I tread my paths with awareness. The transformation takes place.”

Karolin L.


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