Buddhism in psychotherapy and coaching

In my work as a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and Coach, Buddhism with its focus on inner peace, self-reflection and clarity of mind is a good foundation.

Buddhism – a salutary attitude to life for inner peace, clarity and confidence

The teachings of the Buddha have inspired me for many years because they give me a daily reliable orientation on how to deal with difficult situations in everyday life or at work. Be it with my own emotions and fears, in stressful situations and conflicts, with pain and illness. Thereby, the religious aspect that some people associate with Buddhism is relatively irrelevant for me.


Buddhism teaches me to adopt an active, salutary attitude to life, which particularly trains one's own awareness and ability for self-reflection. Over the years, this has made me more self-assured and confident. I have learned to cope with challenges much better and to live my life more calmly and with more satisfaction.

“Nobody saves us except ourselves. Nobody can and nobody must. We have to go the way by ourselves.”


How Buddhist wisdom can help you

  • More inner peace, relaxation and inner strength in everyday life.
  • More clarity, security, serenity in difficult situations and circumstances.
  • Confidence and happiness in life.
  • You learn to handle your mental and physical problems in such a way that a healing approach to the cause (what you have personally experienced) becomes possible and you can successfully manage your everyday work and life.
  • A more conscious attitude for yourself and others, often resulting in more beautiful and harmonious relationships.
Buddhism in psychotherapy and coaching Berlin

Buddhism in psychotherapy and coaching

My own experience and the intensive study of the “science of the mind”, as Buddhism is also called, are my great motivation to impart the fruits of this attitude to life to other people as well.


In doing so, I draw on the fact that many Buddhist methods have found their way into the culture of psychotherapy and coaching for many years, such as

  • mindfulness,
  • meditation,
  • relaxation exercises,
  • visualisation and imagination,
  • as well as the development of compassion for oneself and others.


In my work, they therefore also form a valuable complement to the Conversational Psychotherapy according to Carl Rogers as well as the work with inner images according to Hanscarl Leuner, which I practise. The application of Buddhist methods is also an essential basis for an enriching coaching process.


If you too are experiencing difficult times, feel the need for serenity and more peace of mind or a good way of dealing with your feelings, I would like to accompany you on this path.

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