Psychotherapy in Berlin

As a Naturopath for Psychotherapy, I support you in dealing with your mental and physical problems in such a way that a healing approach to the cause (the personal experience) becomes possible and you can successfully manage your everyday work and life.


In doing so, I follow a Buddhist approach which, through its attitude and methods, particularly trains one's own awareness and ability for self-reflection.

The areas of application include

  • anxiety (anxiety disorders, anxiety attacks)
  • adjustment disorders as a result of drastic changes
  • relationship problems, break-up pain, partner loss
  • biographical upheavals such as career change, job loss, retirement
  • burn-out or bore-out (chronic overload or underload)
  • children leaving home ("empty nest")
  • life crises and profound conflicts
  • (chronic) pain (headache, backache, stomach ache, cardiovascular...)
  • sleep disorders
  • recurring private or professional problems
Psychotherapy Berlin

Basics of my psychotherapeutic work

In my work, the focus is on you in your individual uniqueness. I therefore practice Conversational Psychotherapy. This humanistic therapeutic approach focuses on the inherent self-realisation tendency of every human being.


Goethe says that "word and image are correlates that are always seeking each other". We also make use of this connection by incorporating the salutary power of inner images into our joint work when this seems helpful.


Thus, in a sense, a holistic cosmos of thoughts and words, feelings and sensations, images and sounds unfolds in which you can explore your inner world of experience with calm, relaxation, concentration and creativity.


As a result you can

  • open up additional possibilities of experience and behavioural options,
  • gain spontaneous insights that strengthen your self-confidence,
  • develop a confidence to be able to help yourself in challenging situations,
  • find inner sources of strength for peace and relaxation.

Conversational Psychotherapy – a dialogue at eye level

Conversational Psychotherapy was developed by Carl Rogers. Perhaps you have also heard of so-called "Person-centered Psychotherapy" in connection with his name. Carl Rogers assumed that every human individual has an innate tendency towards self-realisation. According to this, every human being strives for growth and maturation from within himself.


This understanding is the basis for our sessions. We engage in a dialogue in which you and your entire present world of experience are at the centre. I will accompany and support you as best I can so that you can deal with your concerns yourself in an open and fruitful way. Together we will talk about how you can become clearer about your own thought and behavioural patterns, feelings and emotions. In the best case, this contributes to insights and decisions that make your everyday life more worth living again.


You will find in me a dialogue partner who meets you in an accepting and appreciative, empathetic and non-judgmental or interpretive attitude. In doing so, I will face you as an approachable, genuine and transparent person and give you honest feedback.

“The strange paradox is that when I accept myself as I am,

I gain the possibility to change.”

Carl Rogers

Psychotherapy with the power of inner images

Do you remember the last time you were lost in yourself daydreaming? You may have felt a pleasant inner peace, in which images unfolded before your inner eye and disappeared, before new sceneries came up. It is very possible that this inward view triggered feelings and emotions in you, perhaps even strong, captivating ones. Something stirred inside you. Perhaps you suspected a message, but you could not interpret or even decipher it for yourself.


If you have already experienced this, you can roughly imagine what our joint work with your inner images is about. Namely, it is about using their powerful force to achieve a positive change in relation to your concerns or your life situation. Our inner images can be signposts, so to speak, to the possible causes of our conflicts and suffering, which are often also unconscious.


In concrete terms, these are initiated daydreams (imaginations) in which I accompany you therapeutically. In a way, we enrich our dialogue from Conversational Psychotherapy with your inner visual experience and what you feel and sense physically and sensually.


The work with our inner images is called " Katathym-Imaginative Psychotherapy". It was developed and conceptualised by Hanscarl Leuner based on the method of „Active Imagination“ according to C.G. Jung.

“I close my eyes to see.”

Paul Gauguin

If mental and physical problems affect you in such a way that your everyday work and life no longer function as you would like, I am happy to be at your side as a companion on your path to more serenity, happiness and confidence.

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